The vagaries of the English summer are currently disrupting the latest building work I'm doing in picturesque Fenwick near Ascen. The project is to construct retaining walls at a new build property, with the retaining walls needed to be raised so that they meet building regulations for damp proofing. The challenge for this project is that I am laying block paving brick sets with pattern concrete in between. To lay effectively requires dry weather conditions, which unfortunately in sunny South Yorkshire we have not recently had. As soon as we get some clear and dry weather I'll be concreting the path all around the property with up to 20 tonnes of concrete. Next would then be to finish the boundary wall with engineering bricks laid as headers.  See below for pictures of how I'm getting on and keep checking back to see the completed work. Contact me on 07813 953 930 for a quote on any expert building work that need completing.


03/22/2016 7:34am

Summer season is come and it’s time to rebuild the garden and landscaping the space for make your patio or garden attractive and full of flowers.


Thank you for your sharing. You are a famous builder and famous designer.

05/12/2016 7:12pm

Thank you for your sharing.


Hurrah, what a quality it is! Since mostly YouTube video tutorials have no pleasant feature, but this is in fact a fastidious quality video.

07/23/2016 10:10am

I'm keeping checking back to see the completed work!

09/24/2016 4:38am

These photos are great. Can't wait to see the final result. It will be impressive.

09/27/2016 3:16am

As far as I know the weather in Fenwick is always so pleasant that you want o stay on the outdoor places mostly. I was also wondering to move to this place but my job is not letting me move on.



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04/06/2017 10:09am

Well, I am not surprised. English weather is too specific. It's a nice post.


07/10/2017 4:40am

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